Basic Rules of Dominoes

Basic Rules of Dominoes

A domino is a wide collection of games played with the help of rectangular shaped "Domino" tiles. Each of the dominoes is a rectangular shaped tile which has a line dividing the tile’s face into two equal square ends. There is a variety of domino game species which are nicknamed as stones, bones, tickets, cards, chips, spinners or tiles- all together form a domino set which is sometimes termed as a pack or a deck. The conventional Sino-European domino set comprised of 28 dominoes, having the combination of various spot counts differing from zero to six. A domino set can be described as a basic gaming device having many similarities with card playing or even dice, where a number of games can be played in a set.

Based on historical evidence, this wide range of domino gaming was started in the 12th century in China. Then the popularity spread to Italy around the 18th century, giving rise to immense popularity all over the countries of Europe and then slowly worldwide. Recently, there are a great number of the versions of the game available online. Every version tends to have little twist-like features of its own, mainly based on the countries from which the game has been originated. Therefore, each domino game has separate rules depending upon the origin of the place.

Learning About the Game Pieces of Dominoes Rules

If the primary components of the game are known, it is not that difficult to learn all the domino game rules. One must learn the working of the tiles individually as well as a whole. Fundamentally, a DominoQQ is actually a piece of small tile being 2 inches long, 1 inch of width and 3/8 of thickness. This kind of tile is termed as a “bone.” The widely famous set of domino game is double-six.

These tiles have names based on the number of dots that are present on each of its end. The lower numbers are generally listed at the beginning. The largest value of these tiles is double-six whereas the lowest is double-blank.

In these domino game rules, tiles having the higher number of ends shall belong to the similar “suit.” There are about 7 suits along with 7 members respectively.

General Draw Dominoes Rules

A domino game has several versions of Mexican train, memory game, block game and much more. The most well-known domino game is the draw game. The rules here are easy and simple to learn. The game usually starts by getting shuffled all the tiles that are to be placed on a table. The tiles need to be faced down and get mixed or shuffled by using hands.

If the number of players is 2, then each of them needs to choose 7 domino tiles. If the number of players is 3 or 4, then each one needs to choose 5 tiles. The tiles than are to be placed in front of the respective players from where they are visible to them. One must make sure that these tiles are to be hidden in a proper way from their opponent while placing them on the table after the shuffling. Then the player having the highest doubles should start the game.

After this, the opponent player sitting on the left must position the corresponding domino right beside the first title. In case, the player 1 started with the highest which is double-six, the opponent must get their tile played with a number 6 on it. Or else, player 1 needs to draw from the piles of dominoes which are unselected till the time he gets a playable piece of tile. One can pass their turn when they are not able to find the perfect match of tile. The one who gets left with no dominoes at first shall be called the winner.

The rules of the domino game are very easy and simple to understand, attracting more number of people to get indulged into such a fun filled and exciting game. Over time the game has fetched great popularity and is coming up with amazing versions, pleasing all the domino game lovers out there. try out this game and gather a great experience.

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